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Healing House and Home

Clear the chaos. Behold the harmony.

At Becoming Clutterless, we are dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey to a clutter-free and harmonious living environment. Our transformative approach to decluttering combines practical techniques with the principles of spiritual wellness, empowering you to create spaces that nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

Go from messy 
To stress-free

Our Mission

We understand the unique challenges posed by clutter, ADHD, and the importance of energy healing. Our mission is to provide you with the tools and support you need to declutter your home and your mind, fostering inner peace and balance.

Virtual Services

Light Declutter / Organize : $50

This session is best used for a small /medium space. I help you with design, organization, space planning, and innovative ideas to take the weight off your shoulders and exhale.

A La Carte :

Reiki Home Healing

This service is included with virtual and in-person sessions and is available as a stand-alone experience. If your home is feeling wonky, the vibe is off, or you're not connected to your space - let's do some energy work to help you come back into alignment.


No available programs

Our Approach

Get to Know Us

Our comprehensive range of books and services covers a wide spectrum of topics, from practical decluttering techniques to energy healing practices. Whether you're struggling with ADHD-related clutter or seeking to infuse your home with positive energy, our books offer invaluable guidance and support tailored to your unique needs.


With practical techniques and guidance, we help individuals clear physical, mental, and emotional clutter, fostering inner peace and balance. Join us on the journey to becoming clutterless, where transformation begins and clutter disappears.

Holistic Approach

Compassionate Guidance

We believe in integrating mindfulness, intentionality, and energy healing into our decluttering methodology, ensuring a holistic transformation of your space and your life.


Our books advocate for compassionate decluttering methods that

By aligning your physical space with your inner energy, you can create a harmonious environment that supports your well-being and personal growth. Let us empower you to reclaim your space, restore balance to your life, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.

Take the First Step Today!

Ready to embark on your journey to becoming clutterless? Browse our collection of books and start your transformation today.

What's the Buzz?

See what people have to say about working with me. Some would say it's "the bees knees".

I recently had a decluttering call with Alea. This call was so powerful. I had been putting off my closet project for months. As someone who struggles with ADHD having Alea on the phone had me feeling so motivated I was able to remove two bags of clothes from my closet and felt so accomplished. I wasn’t able to finish the project completely however, Alea gave me a list of all of the things left to do for my project, which is amazing because that something that I would put off! She also knew I was going to be moving into a new office space and gave me a list of things to help me with packing. This wasn’t just someone on the phone while I was doing the work. I think we forget that when we go through things in our physical world, it brings up things we go through in our emotional world and Alea is the perfect person to hold space for both. Her work is more than can be described. You have to try it for yourself!!

Ashley Carey

Hi! I'm Alea

I am a Healer of House and Home a.k.a. professional organizer.


I have MS and ADHD. I also had a shopping addiction (thanks to ADHD!) and a clutter problem. I felt like this (above) most days but for years I couldn't find the oomf to dig myself out of the mess I created. I was tired and low on dopamine.

Then I had my spiritual awakening, which woke me up to my current reality and how I could change things - and for the better.

And that is precisely what I did.


I decluttered my entire house, room by room, drawer by drawer. Then something remarkable happened. My whole life became clutterLESS and I became more joyful. Now, I'm no minimalist and God/Universe/Source knows I am not perfect or IG ready all the time.

But the changes in my home and mind are NOTICEABLE. So noticeable, that I've helped many people achieve a similar vibe within their own sacred spaces.


Many years ago I started my Shadow Work Journey - which began with decluttering and purging. It's been a part of me ever since. From there I earned my certificates in life coaching, meditation, breathwork, and became a Reiki Master Teacher. My teachings will always include mindset, a little woo, and practical strategies. 

Published Works

I am a self published author with multiple works. You can find more info in each of these links :

Activating Your Inner Alchemist
Color Your Day Happy Art Journal
Finding Me in Lunar Alchemy
Dream Journal

*I am an Amazon Affiliate and do receive a commission if a purchase is made from qualifying links - with no extra cost to you! Thank you for your support <3


20 minute
strategy session

For a limited time only, schedule your FREE 20-minute call with Alea to discuss the best decluttering strategy for your mind and your home!

Ready to become clutter-free?
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Serving Tacoma, WA for in-person

Worldwide for virtual! 

Fully licensed and insured

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